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"Richard, I did it. I am world champion. Thank you so much for all your coaching and support."
- Aleks Fowler, INBA World Women's World Champion Natural Bodybuilding.

Richard Haggerty: Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach
Aleks Fowler

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    10 Secrets To Banish Stress -
  • Have you ever said, "I'd be so much happier if I could stop stressing"?
  • Do you find yourself worrying when your next panic attack will happen?
  • Are you anxious to know you are doing everything you can to feel better?
  • Do you find yourself worrying or anxious for no good reason at all?
  • Are you interested in learning to dissolve panic in under 60 seconds, without the need for drugs?
  • Do you want to make this change as fast and as easily as possible?

Imagine what it would be like to Stop Anxiety Symptoms and Panic Attacks Using The Proven Power Of Hypnosis.

Is This the World's Easiest Way To Overcome Panic and Anxiety?

Hypnosis can help a sense of calm to return because the anxiety, stress or panic attacks you experience happen unconsciously. Hypnotherapy is a proven way to allows you to reset the 'stress thermostat' in your brain, which enables you to feel calm and in control - fast.

There are several stages to the process that enables your brain to 'unlearn' the panic and these will differ from person to person. Hypnosis is different from cognitive therapy and self-help techniques that don't work in practice when you feel overwhelming stress or panic. If you can no longer think clearly and calmly about what you're supposed to be thinking and doing, it's game over. That's where hypnosis comes in.

Whether you have anxiety symptoms, panic attacks or a social anxiety disorder, the process is the same: You must get your unconscious mind to help you automatically make the changes. This is because your subconscious controls body and anxiety/panic responses - what is called the "fight or flight" response.

After your first session you will notice some significant differences in your thoughts and feelings. Even though the panic experience may not be completely resolved after this first session, it will seem less prominent and more controllable.

You can then make yourself 'PANIC-PROOF' Subsequent sessions rapidly build on the first session's progress and you can also get these five crucial benefits:

  • Reduce or even eliminate completely the fear/anxiety/panic response, dramatically
  • Build more positive and automatic ways of responding to situations, calmly.
  • You will find yourself breathing easier, sleeping better, beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel
  • You will soon start noticing how those thoughts of panic become less and less frequent
  • You will learn proven and tested ways of defusing panicky feelings if they ever recur. Just the knowledge that you can calm yourself down is often enough to prevent panic attacks, permanently.

Here's what my satisfied clients are saying:-

"I am more relaxed, content, peaceful and positive. My panic has dissolved and I just feel more in control. Itís amazing how it works. It helps you reach levels of peace and contentment. Outstanding."
- Margarita Santis

"In the past two months, I am like a different person. I have become more confident in myself, more relaxed and can cope with stress much more easily. I canít believe how relaxing your sessions are and how far Iíve come."
- Louise Fricker-Billing

"I feel so much more relaxed. My phobia is has greatly eased now. Things are so much better than before I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Richard"
- Frances Roberts

I have felt more confident and comfortable with myself since I started the appointments with you. I have learnt how to let stuff go - and to get on with things. I was always asked what I wanted to work on. The discussions prior to the trances managed to really focus on what I wanted.Ē
- James Parsons , Student

"I feel really calm and content. I was surprised at the ease of relaxing Ė I have not been able to relax this way for a very long time. Outstanding."
Ė Ann Taylor

"I am so much more relaxed [after just one hypnosis session with Richard] and even released emotions that allowed me to finally cry! I feel so much better about all the past things I revisited and, as I think about them now, am calmer inside. My fears are greatly reduced and so is my need to test them for Ďfor realí in a live situation. Outstanding."
- Marsha

"I feel relaxed, calmer and more positive. I am so much more relaxed about the thought of talking in front of groups than I can ever remember. Phew!"
Ė Andy Doogan

Speaker, Author, Executive Coach - Richard Haggerty Don't miss out on hypnosis

Call Richard Now on 07771 554782 so you can *STOP SMOKING WITH HYPNOSIS* Now "My first course was to gain more confidence. Instantly, I felt the benefits, with this increasing over the sessions. I was so impressed with hypnotherapy that I then went on to the course for stopping smoking. I am now a non smoker. Iíd previously tried to quit on numerous occasions, but with hypnotherapy, something kicked in and I have quit for good. What most impressed me were the relaxation techniques, the speed in which it worked."
- Emma Thomas, Student

Question: What are some habits that crush any chance of achieving success and getting what you want in 2014?

Speaker, Author, Executive Coach - Richard Haggerty Are you where you want to be? Perhaps a couple of habits need to be banished from your life?

One of the most difficult things to do is to stop a bad habit. And then of course...another extremely difficult thing to do is to start a good habit. Now combine those and try to stop a bad habit and start a good habit at the same time.

That's where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis means bypassing your normal 'thinking mind' straight the part of you that generates habits: your subconscious. This is deeply relaxing, easy to achieve and proven to make significant difference. (You don't need to decide now: get a free hypnosis recording right now.

Why hypnosis? Because a skilled hypnotist can give you the suggestions you want in order to create the create habits that you need to see.

For more information, call me on 07771 554782 for a free informal chat, or read one of the articles below:

"Wow Richard! I didn't expect to feel so good so quickly! I got deeper each time I went in. I'm actually looking forward to obstacles and saying 'YES, I CAN do this.'"
- Emma, Real Radio Feature on Weight Loss with Richard Haggerty (Pictured below).

Click Here To Listen to Richard Live On BBC Radio Wales! Richard specialises in persistent issues including:

Anorexia / Bulimia
Bruxism (Grinding Teeth)
Childhood Trauma
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Dental Phobia
Exam Nerves
Fear Of Flying
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Lack Of Confidence
Memory Improvement
Nail Biting
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Pain Control
Panic Attacks
Procrastination / Lack of Motivation
Public Speaking
Sexual Problems
Skin Disorders
Smoking Cessation
Sports Psychology
Social Fears
Stage Fright
Stuttering / Stammering
Test Anxiety
Weight Control
Weight Loss