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"Richard, I did it. I am world champion. Thank you so much for all your coaching and support."
- Aleks Fowler, INBA World 2008 Women's World Champion Natural Bodybuilding.
Richard Haggerty: Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach
Aleks Fowler

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Richard Haggerty: Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

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What's your investment in coaching worth? Read below:

" we’ve got major contracts with well-known household names like the Co-op, Ikea and X-Factor."

"My name is Justin Craig. I am a successful business owner and entrepreneur. I love what I do for a living, I travel the world and I enjoy a happy marriage and a wonderful family.

And this is just the beginning, my award winning business continues to grow and become more successful and materially and emotionally, my life continues to flourish.

I am so excited about the future, but more importantly I’m loving the present.

I know all the above sounds corny, but I literally have to sit back and pinch myself sometimes as my life has transformed beyond recognition in the past 5 years.

I was a depressed, scared and lonely 30 something lacking self-confidence, stuck in a stressful corporate job, disheartened by life. I wasn’t just “stuck in a rutt”, I was on a cliff’s edge.

Over a period of six months, he changed my world view. He made me overcome my limiting beliefs and realise that I could achieve my dreams. He even helped me work out what those dreams were!

Richard taught me the need to take positive action, and how to ignore negative inner self-talk.

I recall my belief “I’ll never be able to have my own business”. Richard literally talked me through setting up my fist Sole Trader enterprise. Within half an hour I had my own business.

I could write a book on things Richard has taught me, and I still use his insights and positive thinking to motivate me today.

So, as I sit here typing and transformed man who is proud of what he has achieved, I owe a great part of my success to Richard, he was a catalyst and energy giver that gave me the strength to make change.

Success isn’t easy, you need to work hard and get a good team around you. The LiveBuzz team has expanded to include 15 people now, and we’ve got major contracts with well known-known household names like the Co-op, Ikea and X-Factor brands. Richard is a core part of my life team. "
-- Justin Craig, Director,, Award-Winning Live Events Registration

10 Reasons To Experience Life Coaching Now

  1. Coaching allows you to pick from a tasty buffet of more effective behaviours, better states of being or delicious ways of thinking that satisfy you.

  2. Did you know that one peer-reviewed study showed coaching helps “goal attainment, resilience and workplace well-being”? Who wouldn’t want that now?

  3. You may not know that coaching is clinically proven to help you achieve any goals faster. Imagine coasting down the road in a new car... or just the warmth of being with the right person for you.

  4. You may not know that scientists are studying the lasting positive effects of having regular coaching and multiple peer reviewed studies show “it works”.

  5. Would you be surprised if I told you I’ve seen so many of my clients finally meet the right partner for them and settle down because they cleared up an old anxiety or fear?

  6. You may not know but coaching helps you become more self-sufficient.

  7. Imagine how you’ll look and feel heading out for an evening with the thrill of feeling better than you have done in years.

  8. Coaching works for you if you’re shy because it respects where you are. If you want to become more confident, that’s fine; just be mindful that each session is carefully constructed to work with you, so you get to choose.

  9. Coaching doesn’t always turn the faint of heart into daredevils, but the worrier hesitates instead of being bold and saying “yes” to life coaching.

  10. You don’t want to be reckless and rush in to book coaching now, but the danger in hesitating to make a decision is that you will carry on getting the same old results.

Why Choose Cardiff Life Coaching Now?

Answer: to put you back in the driving seat, to stop wasting your talents, time, overcome fears and to finally start that project that's been on your mind. Whether it is setting up your own business, getting a new job, getting fitter, finding a new partner or anything else (including not being sure what you REALLY want), then I can help you.

The most successful people in the world have only the same number of hours available as all of us. So effectiveness and output have little to do with the hours you work and everything to do with how you use those hours. In this increasingly busy and fast moving world it can seem as if everyone wants to squeeze more out of us and many of us are trying to squeeze more out of ourselves. The need to focus on effectiveness has never been greater.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching aims to help you achieve clarity and confidence to work through issues that are holding you back from enjoying a challenging and harmonious life.

Personal experience and social science research have shown that people are the sum of their genes, their cumulative experiences and the circumstances in which they live their lives. Successful coaching has to be based on an understanding of all these factors and not just focus on superficial behaviours. Coaching is based on the following five principles:

  • a shared feeling of trust and empathy between client and coach;
  • a relationship of equality between client and coach;
  • a desire on the client's part to focus on the future, while acknowledging the effects of the past;
  • a willingness by the client to work through challenging issues towards empowerment, self-confidence and a happier, more productive life; and
  • a belief in people's ability to accept themselves and yet make changes that will improve their lives.

Call now and you could be on your way to becoming one of our hundreds of satisfied clients:-

“Since my life coaching sessions with Richard, I've got an overwhelming feeling of excitement flowing around the pit of my stomach. I feel freer, more able to enjoy life and more empowered. I was particularly impressed how - little by little - you have weeded the information out of me until I can fully appreciate how much I truly DO have to be grateful for.

I now have crystal clarity about what I want and much more DRIVE in my life. And I even much more confidence as a learner and can even remember better! So thanks, as that is exactly what my goal was at the start of my coaching/therapy sessions with you and you have helped me achieve it big time.”

– Nick Powys

If you would like to book an appointment or simply have a free no-obligation conversation with Richard, then please call 07771 554782 or use our CONTACT PAGE and we will get in touch with you.

Here's what my satisfied clients are saying:-

"I feel comfortable and content now in who I am for the first time. I have no fear of performing my songs in front of audiences or auditions any more. I feel free. I went from being uptight and nervous to total accepting the process, due to calmness and comfort of the session with Richard."
- Jamie P, Caerphilly

“I am happier and more confident. I have less fear of meetings and presentations. I haven’t felt so relaxed for a long time. I am now looking forward to the presentation I was dreading!”
- Jane

“Good morning Richard. I recently had my last session with yourself last week with regards to anxiety, I thought I’d let you know that I had my meeting last night and I got through it with no problems and even went to a curry after (I even tried some). All through the meeting I kept grinning and smirking because all I kept thinking was Del and Rodney in the van jumping for joy of selling the watch.
Thank you very much for all your help it feels like someone has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you again”
- Paul Dowdall

“Richard, Once again, I found I could relax easily and clear my mind. The physical symptoms of stress I used to have [tight throat, stomach pains, heart racing, and irregular breathing] have nearly vanished. I was impressed at the degree of relaxation I was able to achieve. I was very pleased with how my [live St David’s Hall performance] piece went. Thank you!”
- Stewart Roberts

"I feel relaxed, calmer and more positive. I am so much more relaxed about the thought of talking in front of groups than I can ever remember. Phew!"
– Andy Doogan

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

Richard Haggerty BA (Hons) - Registered Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer
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