The Goldfish ExpertA noted author says:
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Dear Goldfish Enthusiast,  

s you start reading this page, you'll find yourself SHOCKED to the core, to the point where you are motivated to learn something new.

As you read every word here, you'll be AMAZED that you managed to look after your goldfish at all without knowing what I'm about to tell you.

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Now listen closely.

Did you realize that you are almost certainly harming your goldfish, albeit unwittingly?

If someone told you they possessed a secret so powerful, that if you knew it, your fish would live much longer - wouldn't you want to know about it right now?

Do you know the real reason why you can't rely on what pet store owners, vets or big pet companies tell you?

Did you know there are 25 common household foods that will keep your fish healthy, stop illness and even treat swim bladder problems? (Hint, you probably have most of them at home already, and they won't cost you a cent.)

Are you beginning to realize how important it is to ACT now to change the way you look after goldfish, so you stop the mistakes you are almost certainly making?

Let me tell you a true story about my friend James

A year ago, a friend called to tell me a SAD STORY. Actually, it made me ANGRY when I heard it.

Here's why.

My friend has 3 young children, and as kids do, they wanted a pet. You know how kids GET EXCITED when they imagine something they really want. You can imagine seeing their eyes lit up. Well, his kids were looking forward to having their own fish, and having hours of fun...

So, my friend decided to go ahead and get an aquarium and goldfish.

Guess what?

Within 24 hours, they were all dead.

It gets worse.

His kids were the ones who woke up early, went downstairs and found the fish, floating upside down, lifeless. They were, well, CRYING THEIR EYES OUT. Inconsolable.

Now why was I FURIOUS when I heard this?

Well, it wasn't because my friend was irresponsible.

(He wasn't.)

But he did not have the right information about how to care for goldfish.

He simply wasn't told how to get the fish back home safely and introduce them gradually into a new tank.

Secondly, the aquarium environment and where he located the tank was completely inappropriate.

Thirdly, he had the wrong types of fish together. They would never have peacefully co-existed or survived anyway. They would have been bullied and suffered from stress (yes, fish do suffer from stress.)

He also made the single worst mistake you can make populating a new tank with goldfish...

"I've cared for goldfish for 16 years now and I am amazed how good and professional the "Goldfish Expert" is. The book is really beautiful and you present every bit of information so that anyone can understand it. I will recommend it to other goldfish owners.
- Florin Iusan, HD, Romania

Richard, just wanted to let you know that "The Goldfish Expert" seems very well laid out, easy to read (and understand) and has easy to follow instructions. I'm looking forward to using your tips as I continue on my goldfish journey.
- Chandu Bickford-Ngomeley

Announcing: The Real Cause Of Goldfish Diseases

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The Goldfish Expert

Imagine that there existed a book that when you read it, you'd have a feeling of expert knowledge, confidence and certainty that you were doing everything possible to take the best care of your fish.

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Fact: Did you know there are 7 types of "fish stress"? Each one of them needs a very different way of dealing with it.

Picture yourself a week from now, armed with the breakthrough Goldfish Expert book, and being STUNNED that you managed to keep fish before you read it, without them getting seriously ill.

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Wouldn't it be amazing to avoid all the common DEVASTATING PROBLEMS you might have read about or experienced (Ich, Swim bladder, fungus, fin rot ...)

You probably know that goldfish are prone to illness.

But did you know there are just 6 goldfish diseases that are the most common killers?

And did you know that you can PREVENT THEM, once you discover something that only the real pros know?

Stop for a moment

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The further and further you read now, slowly your worry disappears and you realize you could be reading EXACTLY what you need to know in just a few short seconds.

Here's a sampling of what you'll discover when you purchase "The Goldfish Expert" Now:-

    Updated Version Now Fully-Illustrated : Full-colour diagrams. Easily discover the secrets of your goldfish's anatomy (you won't want to miss this.)

    Full-Colour Diagram To Diagnose A Sick Goldfish : Is your fish ill? Easily identify the most common diseases in just a few seconds with this amazing bonus (this alone is worth the price of the book.)

    The 6 Most Common Causes Of Goldfish Diseases : How to prevent them, easily identify each one and what you can do to get it dealt with, usually within 48 hours. You be the judge of this benefit!

    How To Make 100% Sure You Only Ever Pick Healthy Goldfish (Tip: A little-known, easy-to-use technique from the world of hypnosis can actually help you make the right choices. Without it, all the planning and advice in the world will fail.)

    How To Get Your Fish Safely From Aqua-Shop To Aquarium (I can't wait till you try this strategy! No one tells you how to get your goldfish back, ensure they settle in, which is why so many are either dead on arrival or perish within a few days. Avoid the worry, stress and anxiety of being a bad "fish parent" with our unique simple easy-to-action tips and advice.)

    Creating The Right Environment In Your Aquarium, so your fish settle in, survive and thrive from day 1 (You don't want to miss this one! The people who don't know this are the ones who say, "I don't understand why all my fish died.")

    The 8 Best Varieties Of Goldfish For Beginners (Make the right choices with confidence from day one and avoid making costly gut-wrenching mistakes, and trying to explain to your kids why their fish are being buried in the garden. I'll guide you step-by-step, so the right choices are easy and a no-brainer for you.)

    Which Goldfish Varieties Can Be Combined Together and which will be a disaster (Hint: if you get this wrong, you'll see your goldfish perish, starve or suffer from "stress.")

    Which Fish Should Never Be Kept Outside And Why (Some varieties are completely unsuitable. So if you are thinking about having a pond or keeping them outside, you need to know this. Some varieties are less hardy and will perish at once. You won't want to miss this one!)

    12 Golden Rules of Goldfish Care and how to treble the chances of your fish lasting the distance. You have to see these to believe just how POWERFUL they are!

    Types Of Goldfish And The Best Varieties For The Absolute Beginner, and how to add new ones to your tank (Hint: Like making a cake, if you get the ingredients wrong, or the wrong combination, it will spell disaster. I can't wait for you to have the right recipe for success - it's suprisingly easy when you know how.)

    The Best Goldfish Snacks (How one common food can help your fish avoid 80% of the most common illness. Know this secret and you can help your fish to live longer, more comfortably and thrive. Just incredible!)

    How To Tell When Your Goldfish Is Asleep (Yes, they do sleep - but you might be interested to know how you can tell when they are.)

    Interesting Facts About Goldfish (Little known gems to bamboozle, beguile and entertain your loved ones. Look, these are a love and passion. You don't want to seem aloof when someone asks you about them. Know these facts and you can be guaranteed to entertain and get others interested in your hobby. Why shouldn't they get to enjoy the delights of Goldfish too?

    Common Goldfish Varieties and how to tell the difference between them.

    How To Easily Take Care Of A Goldfish In Less Than 5 Minutes A Day and be sure they are healthy. Know this and you can be sure to ward off any potential problems on the horizon. Take advantage of this now!

    25 FREE Common Household Foods All Goldfish Eat That Can Extend Their Lives And Keep Them Healthy (You better not miss this benefit! Don't know this one and you might as well kiss goodbye to your fish now.)

    The Biggest Problem Feeding Your Goldfish. This is a mistake that even the pros make. You'll almost certainly be doing it because you love your fish. Don't get this right and one day you'll wake up and see the little critters floating on the top of your tank.

    "Fancy Goldfish" Tricks To Help Them Settle In And Last Longer. You have to see it to believe it! If you've heard about 'Fantails' and 'Orandas,' you'll know they need special care and attention because they are not as robust as ordinary goldfish! You won't want to miss these "pro" secrets to caring for goldfish.

    How To Uncover Popular (And Unique) Goldfish Names. People often get stuck on what to call their fish and in many cases come up with ridiculous things. This is a sure-fire way to pick the best names for your fish that make other folk green with envy that didn't think of them first.

    The Inside Scoop On Goldfish Plants (What to get, what not to get and how to make life easier for you and your fishes. This tip is amazing!)

    The 3 Best Plants To Grow In Your Aquarium (including how to grow them yourself, so you don't need to keep buying plants. Seeing is believing!)

    12 Sizzling Secrets For Successfully Breeding Goldfish. The 3 golden secrets (and one ABSOLUTE no-no) for increasing the chances of your fish breeding. Follow this advice and you might well have the glow of seeing some small fry in your tank! Seeing is believing!

    8 Essential Tips To Keep Algae Under Control (If you don't know these, you will find your fish gulping for oxygen or worse.)

    The Hidden Dangers Of Shop-Sold Fish Flakes and why you should never feed these to your fish for any length of time. You won't want to miss this...

    3 Killer Recipes To Help Your Fish Grow Strong, Stay Healthy And Maintain Their Bright Colours (This one's really cool! I'll show you exactly how to make your own fish food with common household ingredients, so you can save yourself $$$ and ensure your fish don't get ill from a "poor diet").

    How To Treat Sick Goldfish On A Budget Plus what to do when...

    Your Goldfish Is Floating Upside Down

    Your Goldfish Is Getting Black On Fins

    Your Goldfish Is Sitting On The Bottom Of Your Tank And even...

    "How To Set Up And Maintain Your Goldfish Tank" Made Fool-Proof

    7 Types Of "Fish Stress" And How To Deal With Them (unless you know the varieties and multiple causes of stress, you may unwittingly harm your little pets. You need to know these to ensure they don't end up floating on the top of your tank. Just plain awesome!

    14 Explosive Secrets To GUARANTEE You Always Have The Best Goldfish Tank Water (When you know these, maintaining the best environment for your fish is easy. They are vital. If you don't know these secrets, all your other efforts, love, attention and money will be in vain. These vital pro tips are worth the price of the book alone.)

    All this (and much more) can be yours!

By now, you might be wondering how much this will cost you?

I don't blame you. I've spent VAST SUMS of money over the years looking after my fish, so I would want to know THIS ABSOLUTELY WORKS. And that is backed with a firm iron-clad 100% guarantee.

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