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"Richard, I did it. I am world champion. Thank you so much for all your coaching and support."
- Aleks Fowler, INBA World Women's World Champion Natural Bodybuilding.

Richard Haggerty: Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach
Aleks Fowler

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How Will Hypnotherapy Help You (or a Loved One) Finally Overcome Fear of Flying?

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Fear Of Flying Hypnotherapy

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  • Is the fear of flying ruining your life?
  • Have you tried taking drugs, alcohol or willpower to get on a plane, only to find "nothing works"?
  • Are you totally fed up with not being able to fly?
  • Do you find yourself feeling desperate to avoid flying?
  • Do you hate going on holiday because you know there's a return flight waiting for you?
  • Are you in danger of making your partner miserable because you are stopping your family from going on holiday?
  • Have you got a holiday or trip looming, and you realise it is "now or never" to get this finally handled?
  • Are you ready to get rid of this fear - quickly and easily - using proven psychological techniques?

Imagine what it would be like to Banish The Fear of Flying You're Feeling now with an experienced Master Hypnotherapist.

You Can Overcome Your Fear with Hypnosis Cardiff

Have you consistently put off going on holiday because of a fear of about flying?

Many people find that it creates tension in their family because they cannot spend time with loved ones or treat them to a proper holiday. They also worry about "teaching" this fear to their children

A fear of flying is caused by the unconscious mind warning you that it's not safe to get on a plane.   This would be appropriate if the plane was missing a wing or obviously not in a condition to fly.  However, in the case of a flying phobia, that protection mechanism which is meant to keep you safe has become over-sensitive and is now a problem.  Many people have already used hypnosis to not only overcome fear of flying, but have also learnt to look forward to flying and to enjoy it!

Statistics consistently show that flying is one of the safest forms of travel in the world!   Air travel remains statistically safer than crossing the road, and flying has been proven to be twenty five times safer than driving your own car.  Hypnosis will help you to understand this at a deeper level, and to feel relaxed, protected and safe when flying.

How Does Advanced Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Work?

One of the keys to overcoming your fear is relaxation.  Hypnotherapy will teach you relaxation skills that can become automatic when practiced and perfected.  And you can do this for yourself.  Self-hypnosis is a skill you can learn which will help you to create your own calm, focused state of awareness whenever you need to.

Hypnotherapy can help you to learn a new pattern of behaviour.  In the past, you may have felt sick at the idea of take off or even boarding a plane - in the future you can simply relax and start to enjoy the freedom of flying.  Although hypnosis by itself won't instantly cure your fear of flying, many successful clients would agree it could be the single most successful step you ever take. And when we combine the results with cutting-edge techniques from NLP and EFT used at Hypnosis Cardiff, your results will sky-rocket!

Now all you have to do is dream of where you want to fly to next! 

If you would like to book an appointment or simply have a Free Initial Consultation with Richard, then please call 07771 554782 or CONTACT ME HERE and I will get in touch with you.

"The fear [of flying] has completely gone and I feel so much more optimistic. I cant believe how this has knocked on so positively into other areas of my life."
- Rhian Edwards

Here's what my satisfied clients are saying:-

"Hi Richard, Just a quick note to say a big 'thank you'. After completing your 'Flying Without Fear' course I recently flew to Barcelona with a totally different mind set. At no time during the flight there or back did I feel any panic or apprehension. In fact I enjoyed both flights immensely - even when we had bad turbulence during landing. So thanks again for turning something that was becoming a severe problem into a real pleasure! All the best. Rob"
- Rob Evans, Cardiff

Hi Richard , Its Gary From Pembs. Just a line to say a massive thanks to you for the 2 sessions I had with you. I made it to Cuba - and back to Cardiff ... I give myself 7/10 on the way out to Cuba and 8/10 on the way back . Anyway thanks again and see you soon.
- Gary

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I never thought I would say it, but I actually enjoyed flying last weekend and was on such a natural high at the end of the flight. Combining the Hypnosis Cardiff program with the Aviatours ( fear of flying course has given me (and my family too) the ability to fly again. The relaxation was so deep and I especially enjoyed listening in between sessions to the CD you gave me, which made me fall asleep in seconds. Thank you so much Richard.
- Geraldine Locke

I finally feel like I can get on an airplane!
- Hugh Nicholls

I am not scared of flying anymore Im amazed! Not only is my fear gone, but I have noticed that I feel calmer and happier than ever before in my day to day life!
- Collette Beazer

I can finally get on a plane: your hypnotherapy worked.
- Martyn Ashton (

Hi Richard I just wanted to send a quick E mail to thank you, I was a patient of yours and had my last session in early June for fear of turbulence. I flew to Florida on 30th of June and have to admit as I was boarding the plane and attempting to get my children sorted out, I thought I would have a panic attack as I felt very anxious. However after really talking to myself and calming myself down something clicked, and that was really how it felt, like a switch had been tripped in my head.

I felt fine, I knew I would be ok and although I felt happier when my feet hit the ground I no longer felt scared. We had a little turbulence, nothing major, but during this time I took time to check how I was feeling, and I was fine. I can't thank you enough, it feels very strange that it's now logical in my head that there is no reason to fear flying, but I'm loving it. I feel this optimism has also flowed into other aspects of my life, and have noticed a difference in my thinking and over all my life.

Thank you Richard, I really appreciate what you have done for me. Best wishes.

- Rhian Edwards


Speaker, Author, Executive Coach - Richard Haggerty Don't miss out on hypnosis

Call Richard Now on 07771 554782 so you can *STOP SMOKING WITH HYPNOSIS* Now "My first course was to gain more confidence. Instantly, I felt the benefits, with this increasing over the sessions. I was so impressed with hypnotherapy that I then went on to the course for stopping smoking. I am now a non smoker. Id previously tried to quit on numerous occasions, but with hypnotherapy, something kicked in and I have quit for good. What most impressed me were the relaxation techniques, the speed in which it worked."
- Emma Thomas, Student

Question: What are some habits that crush any chance of achieving success and getting what you want in 2014?

Speaker, Author, Executive Coach - Richard Haggerty Are you where you want to be? Perhaps a couple of habits need to be banished from your life?

One of the most difficult things to do is to stop a bad habit. And then of course...another extremely difficult thing to do is to start a good habit. Now combine those and try to stop a bad habit and start a good habit at the same time.

That's where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis means bypassing your normal 'thinking mind' straight the part of you that generates habits: your subconscious. This is deeply relaxing, easy to achieve and proven to make significant difference. (You don't need to decide now: get a free hypnosis recording right now.

Why hypnosis? Because a skilled hypnotist can give you the suggestions you want in order to create the create habits that you need to see.

For more information, call me on 07771 554782 for a free informal chat, or read one of the articles below:

"Wow Richard! I didn't expect to feel so good so quickly! I got deeper each time I went in. I'm actually looking forward to obstacles and saying 'YES, I CAN do this.'"
- Emma, Real Radio Feature on Weight Loss with Richard Haggerty (Pictured below).

Click Here To Listen to Richard Live On BBC Radio Wales! Richard specialises in persistent issues including:

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