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"Richard, I did it. I am world champion. Thank you so much for all your coaching and support."
- Aleks Fowler, INBA World 2008 Women's World Champion Natural Bodybuilding.

Richard Haggerty: Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach
Aleks Fowler

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Climbing the 5:2 Mountain: Discover the Myth about Weight Loss That Even Most Experts Don't Know About...

by Richard Haggerty

Richard Haggerty BA (Hons) - Registered Clinical Master Hypnotherapist

Every wonder why some of the top actors and performers you and I know and love have managed to lose weight and keep it off? I’m not just talking about all the women who have managed to do that either. What about Harry Enfield? Or Sherlock Holmes himself Benedict Cumberpatch? Have you Googled their photos recently? They are looking slimmer because of one simple shift they made.

Before you find out the one thing they did differently, let's travel back in time for a moment.

Over six years ago, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid gland. Due to over-cautious consultants who suggested I stop exercising (for almost a year) and a huge dose of 320 mg Propranolol a day, I ballooned in size, putting on 25% extra bodyweight in just a few months. That’s not great for anyone, but when you are a professional hypnotherapist who specialises in helping people change habits, become more confident and lose weight, it’s not ideal!

Here's why I am so passionate about this:

As anyone who has suffered from being once slim and becoming obese will tell you, it’s no fun. It’s pretty frustrating because it seems to go on so easily…getting it off if a really drudge. Only a few people know that diets don’t work long-term. In fact, one meta study in 2010 acknowledges that 70% of dieters put on extra weight despite initially losing it; the authors concluded that if they had a wider spectrum of data, the actual percentage of people who failed on diets was probably even higher than 70%.

Why don't diets work?

Think about it. Yo-yo dieting is a chore. You hate every second of having to avoid all the foods you like, choose foods that at best you feel uninspired by. Then you have a tough morning, you feel rubbish and then when you want to reward yourself, you feel guilty.

So, if you’re not interested in learning a simple technique that works to help a person lose weight for life, don’t read on.

Here’s what happened: about a year ago, I came across an approach that I KNEW would work. I started to apply it and consistently lost weight. It worked with very little willpower: it did need some organisation, self-discipline and will to succeed. But compared to dieting, it was a no brainer. In fact, I realised that it went way beyond every diet out there to deliver a unique opportunity. As a hypnotherapist, I wanted to share this and make it easier for anyone. So almost 7 months ago, I started developing a unique hypnotherapy recording that anyone could use to get the same results with even less effort than I did – even if they had failed many many times before.

I called it “Climbing the 5:2 Mountain”. And I want you to consider if it’s right for you or someone you know.

When you order now, you get all 3 of these for one price:

  1. A special no-holds barred warts and all talk giving you the inside scoop: this unique 42-minute recording of how I stumbled across the 5:2 fast diet, the people who helped me on the way and how I was able to lose 20% of my weight almost effortlessly (2 weeks ago I was feeling so good, I successfully ran the Cardiff Half Marathon (13.2 miles) in a little over 2 hours). You will learn stuff that you simply won’t get anywhere else, including how a professional hypnotist has integrated this into his life and why he chooses this approach above anything else

  2. 10 Secret Steps to Making the 5:2 Diet Work for You: This unique handy-sized quick-ref guide tells you how to lose weight and keep it off. I decided to spill the beans here, and tell you what you need to succeed in just one page. You can go out and buy the big 5 current fasting best-sellers and read them (I did) and you will get some great stuff, and a lot (I mean a lot) of recipes... BUT - You will find out why a lot of this is superfluous and won’t help to APPLY it. Instead, you will get 10 proven ways to make fasting work for you. You can can print this off and put it by your PC to make sure you have the right support and proper guidance. I use these secrets; my clients use these. They work. If you don’t know them, chances are you will fall off the 5:2 wagon. (I will also show you how one single word can make all the difference between success and failure).

  3. The Climbing the 5:2 Mountain Hypnotherapy recording: Speaker, Author, Executive Coach - Richard Haggerty Whew! I have created over 80 professional hypnotherapy recordings, and this has been a labour of love. Over six months, and tested on everyone from family, friends and myself, this is THE ONE. Even if you aren’t doing the 5:2 diet but you want to lose weight and become more confident, then you will get significant benefit from downloading this now.
For a limited time, you get all three of these when you order now! That's all you need to get going and make fasting work for you.

Why? Because I created something special that will help you change and grow, overcome limiting beliefs, deal with motivation and feel good right from the word go.

My promise to you is this: after you have read the 10 Secret tips, listened to my recording, you won’t need ever to read another book about how to do 5:2 again. (If you want the background to the 5:2, I do recommend one book, which really helped me, and I tell you about the author any why it helps on the 5:2 talk).

How much is this going to cost you? Well a single hypnotherapy session costs £90. To have a breakthrough session with me would cost you £300 to £500. If we were working to lose weight, it would cost you between £300 and £600. But I want this to work for you, and cost not to be a factor. So I’ve decided to price it at £29.

That’s less than £3 a month over a year, and with the “Climbing the 5:2 Mountain”, you can have a hypnotherapy session with me anytime you want to. You get immediate access to it as a digital mp3 download. If you don’t think it is the best investment you have made, you can get a full automated refund within 28 days.

Key Point: If you carry on trying to lose weight without knowing this, my experience of working with hundreds of clients is that you’ll probably stay stuck at your current weight.

Click Here To Get The Climbing the 5:2 Mountain recording ™ Now!

I know it can seem almost unbelievable that anything could work when you’ve failed before. In my case, I spent six years “failing” and had just about given up when a chance conversation over a delicious Indian meal changed my life (You will discover why on the bonus talk that you get when you get the hypnotherapy recording today).

Losing weight with traditional dieting is not as easy as it seems. Neither is the 5:2 approach. There are a couple of very real hurdles you have to overcome: the first few initial weeks are often the hardest and your mind probably won't be screaming "Yes! Do it now"; you need to plan for meals on fasting days or you will fail; and you must establish the fasting habit, so it becomes as automatic as brushing your teeth. You need the confidence you can do it. In the “10 Secrets” you'll get with the Climbing the 5:2 Mountain Hypnotherapy recording, I show you how to overcome these problems. You only need to read it once for light bulbs to go on. And it is yours to print and look at every day if you want, safe in the knowledge “this works”.

Speaker, Author, Executive Coach - Richard HaggertyThe “Climbing the 5:2 Mountain” Hypnotherapy recording is the pinnacle of the work I’ve done to help clients lose weight. To say, I am proud of it is an understatement. It WILL help you overcome any of the common problems that people have. Most people fail to lose weight because they approach it with the same mindset they had before and try to make it fit into what they think they “should" eat or “should not” eat. Please don’t make the same mistake.

Hypnotherapy works, and is proven to be one of the safest and most effective weight loss systems when done correctly with a qualified proven professional (It’s almost 14 years since I did my first formal certification). The limitation is that you need to do something. You need belief, you need a strategy that works and you need motivation. Fortunately, as long as you are motivated enough to lie down, put headphones on and press play, then you WILL get the benefits. It’s as easy as:

  1. Make yourself comfortable: a favourite chair, sofa or your bed
  2. Put a pair of headphones on
  3. Press play
  4. Enjoy a wonderful experience: As you close your eyes, you will feel all the worries and stress start to melt away. Let these beautiful yet powerful hypnotic stories effortlessly help you establish new habits
  5. Notice positive changes showing up in your life: Motivation, new behaviours, increased confidence...sustainable weight loss
With hypnotherapy, there is nothing more to do. You don't even need to pay attention consciously when you listen. Clients pay me £££ for private sessions so they can hear stories in person, and have me tailor sessions. Whilst nothing beats a one-to-one, this is the next best thing.

By the way, if you have ever heard any of the older styles of hypnotherapy recording that tell you to "relax and lose weight. You will be slim. I can make you slim", then you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is based on how your mind actually works by using the power of metaphor. Psychologists and philosophers are now realising that the unconscious mind works through emotions and that our understanding of the world comes about through largely through metaphor. Metaphor simply means story. It means that one thing stands for another - at the subconscious level.

A limitation of traditional old-school hypnosis recordings is they are very direct, telling you to “do this” and “do that”. Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably are intelligent enough to realise that most people don’t respond that well to being ordered or commanded what to do. My soon-to-be-3-years-old son reminds me of that every single day!

Remember, you have all the guidance you need to help you help yourself: you get the fast-paced information-rich 42-minute talk that tells you my personal story can how I turned a weight loss challenge around thanks to the hypnotic 5:2 “diet” (also called "intermittent fasting").

Does it work?

Yes, it works like crazy. But don’t overdo it!

2 days a week is your total commitment to being healthier and slimmer for life. If Harry Enfield can do it and Jude Law can finally do it, then so can you. It’s not that these guys aren’t talented or disciplined, but let’s be honest: food is a real pleasure in life. I am a hearty eater. I love cooking. As I was producing this, my dad kindly bought the fantastic new Rick Stein in India cookbook and I’ve been conjuring up tasty treats and scouring Cardiff for the best places to get spices. I enjoy a beer with a meal or a glass of wine. Now, I don’t worry or feel guilty. This area of my life works. It’s on autopilot and can focus on what I really want to do. You want freedom. You want your life back.

Imagine this: six months from now, it's the New Year. You are going out for the evening, and you pick an outfit, some clothes that you really want to wear. They feel good. You look good. As you look in the mirror, you see a smile on your face because you can see some cheekbones. You look at your body side-profile and you know what, you are getting where you want to be. You’ve been fairly quiet about fasting at times because you know everyone is talking about it. You also know that most people’s gut reaction is “This can’t work. Just eat healthily and exercise” (You know all that really ‘helpful’ information that you never thought to consider…mmm). Instead you carry on. You are motivated. It's like those times when something has been niggling to be done, like an itch you need to scratch and you take the next step. You've done it anyway. As you look in the mirror, the smile on your face broadens. You look good. You feel great. It worked!

Click Here To Get The Climbing the 5:2 Mountain recording ™ Now!

If you had just one opportunity to do something that would help you lose weight, would you do it now?

Warm regards,

Richard Haggerty
Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Registered NLP Trainer
Accredited Life Coach

P.S. Enjoy "Climbing the 5:2 Mountain" risk-free for 28 days, and see the difference. Remember, for a limited time you also will get a bonus talk and "10 secrets" to make sure you have everythig you need, as well as a world-class hypnotherapy recording you can't get anywhere else.

P.S.S. I’ll let you in on a secret. Only a handful of people close to me even realise I fast. Why? Because most of the time, I can join in socially (5 days a week), which inevitably means food and drink. Compare than a normal diet! I have 2 days a week when I give my body a rest through fasting. It’s easy, it’s fun and there are is a huge untapped advantage to doing fasting that surprised me – and actually changed my life – you will find out about that on the bonus talk that you get with the Climbing the 5:2 Mountain Hypnotherapy recording when you get it now.

Richard Haggerty BA (Hons) - Registered Clinical Master Hypnotherapist


"Wow Richard! I didn't expect to feel so good so quickly! I got deeper each time I went in. I'm actually looking forward to obstacles and saying 'YES! I CAN do this.'"
- Emma, Real Radio Feature on Weight Loss with Richard Haggerty (Pictured below).

Click Here To Listen to Richard Live On BBC Radio Wales!